Wait, is it “Tally” or “Tally Ho”?

TL;DR “Tally Ho”

gm doggos. As some of you have no doubt noticed, we’ve started going by our full name: “Tally Ho!”

Here’s why:

A few months after our developers started work on the wallet, we learned of several other “Tally” projects in the web3 space. Just so there’s no opportunity for confusion, we decided to use our full name “Tally Ho.” It’s as simple as that.

(Fun fact: “Tally Ho” is a British expression used in fox hunting! Since we’ve often described Tally Ho as a decentralized alternative to MetaMask, we’re actually kind of excited about this.)



Makes sense! Took me awhile to weed through some of the wrong Tally stuff I had followed, as well as finding the correct websites/links when I first started looking into Tally Ho


Nice. Tally as our brand name. Still I feel in future usage most people will just refer as tally, tally wallet. Rather than saying it tally ho, tally ho wallet. Do u know is Asian societies tally ho could be meant a person’s name? As in tally is western kind of name. While ho is surname.

Last thing is I believe most people would prefer at first sight or reaction to say out Tally! Than Tally Ho.

Prefer just Tally. Or Tallie. Just my thoughts. Tks.

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Tally Ho makes sense… great!!

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“Tally Ho!” or “Tally Ho”? :grinning:

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could you have this ability for competition with other web3 wallet in future ?

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Tally Ho → Tally Holders!


Tally Holders! → TallyHODLers

:sob: :sob: :sob:


easy name and practical .Tally Ho makes sense :heart_eyes:


Tally ho. ----> Tally HoDLERS :slight_smile:


Tally ho More beautiful😍

Soud good? hope it will be true